Clean Finance & Investment Ltd. is one of the leading members of NSE.

Our experienced team of market makers and sales traders prides itself on creating liquidity in illiquid markets. We provide timely and efficient execution of transactions in the capital market segment of NSE. Our trading activities include the execution of retail orders; block trades and corporate equity repurchases, all of which occur in a fast-paced and volatile marketplace.

We are driven by keen understanding of the business and are thus able to provide clients with solutions appropriate to fit their needs. Our services include identifying clients investment requirements, identifying suitable relevant investment opportunities, keeping clients informed of company and market developments, maintaining a constant flow of information to our clients and transacting buy and sell orders effectively and professionally.

Clean Finance & Investment Ltd
is a full service brokerage house, committed to provide the investors a wide array of investment products to meet their needs. Our team consists of skilful, determined and energetic people who are driven by passion and have extensive experience in the field of Capital Market. Our experts provide the advice to the clients they need.
At CLEAN FINANCE we offer very favorable commission rates and provide our customers with telephone and online access to  NSE. We offer live and dynamic online trading for equities through our ODIN trading. Our customers range from the novice to the very experienced, including those who use markets for short term as well as long term returns

We believe that the key to successful trading is having access to timely information. We have therefore spent time developing new Services

NSE:- INB230821333 | NSE Membership No.:- 08213 | BSE :- INS 011394132 , INB 051008333
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